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Note from the author

February 12, 2011

If you are wondering why my research focuses on Italy, the answer is simple. Because there’s where I live and where I hope to become a journalist one day.

Dealing with the changes of journalism worldwide would have been impossible.

Every country has its own peculiarities and, even though we can find a common path in the changes of this noble profession, these changes are occurring differently and are approached differently from nation to nation.

Italy, being my home country, will also be the subject of this thesis.

As for the format of this project, I chose to develop and present my research in a different way. Each post will be formated as a news article and each will deal with a different aspect of the changes of journalism.

Feature articles, opinion editorials, book reviews, profile articles, news pieces, film reviews, photographs. Several interviews with professional journalists will try to imprint the current impressions while this phenomenon is still occurring.

As historian Renzo De Felice said, “the use of direct interviews has this resource: it allows spectators to be put in direct contact with all the theses at stake and to compare directly the various points of view”1.

In short, a different format for the same objective: prove my point and provide a vivid, original portrait of the changing nature of Italian journalism.

The following project is intended to be published also in print, following the rules of the “old” media.

Some of my arguments might change by the time I finish this project. My research will for sure continue, for there’s no end to the changing nature of such a human-related profession like journalism.

1. Renzo De Felice, quoted in Sergio Zavoli, La Notte della Repubblica (Milano: Mondadori, 1992) 6.

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